Kenly Beverage excels at introducing exclusive wines, spirits, & beverages from the most distinguished artisans & innovators from around the world to the US market.

Château Maïme Vineyards

A prestigious wine tradition from the heart of Provence, with international evaluations by the most famous sommeliers who claim that Château Maïme rosé is notably distinct. It displays a racy character which is forged by the aromas that reveal themselves upon the first sip. That our rosés really have something to say. It has taken more than 20 years to acheive: controlling every link in the chain from our vine plans, to the assembly and the vinification. But our greatest expertise lies in our mastery of the cold chain process during the harvest, pressing and the start of vinification. This is the expertise in which we take the most pride, which makes us unique and which provides its color and its inimitable aromas. After a great success in France, with our partner Kenly Beverage, we are debuting our exclusive rosés to the most discerning American wine lovers

BEMER Hydration

Cellular alterations in our water induced by the BEMER EMF pattern enhance health & work toward reversing disease with each sip

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